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Part 1 SPolice

Chapter 2SComplaints and misconduct

Supervision of complaintsS

37Appointment of person to reconsider complaintS

(1)The reconsidering authority must appoint a person to reconsider the complaint to which the reconsideration direction relates.

(2)But where the reconsideration direction contains a supervision requirement, the reconsidering authority must not appoint a person unless the Commissioner has given notice to the authority that the Commissioner approves the person whom the authority proposes to appoint.

(3)Where the reconsidering authority is the appropriate authority in relation to the complaint, the person appointed must be one who was not previously involved in the consideration of the complaint.

(4)Where the reconsideration of a complaint is subject to a supervision requirement, the person appointed under this section to reconsider the complaint must comply with all such requirements in relation to the carrying out of that reconsideration as may be imposed by the Commissioner in relation to that reconsideration.