Gaelic language plans

6Monitoring of implementation

(1)This section applies where—

(a)a relevant public authority’s Gaelic language plan has been approved by the Bòrd or the Scottish Ministers under section 5, and

(b)at least 12 months have elapsed since the date of approval.

(2)The Bòrd may require the authority to submit to it, by a date no earlier than 3 months after the date of the requirement, a report on the extent to which the authority has implemented the measures set out in the plan.

(3)The Bòrd may not make a second or subsequent requirement under subsection (2) within 12 months of the date of the previous requirement.

(4)Where the Bòrd considers that a relevant public authority is failing to implement adequately measures in its Gaelic language plan, it may submit to the Scottish Ministers a report setting out its reasons for that conclusion.

(5)On receipt of the report, the Scottish Ministers may take either or both of the following steps—

(a)they may lay a copy of the report before the Scottish Parliament,

(b)they may direct the authority in question to implement any or all of the measures in its Gaelic language plan by the date specified in the direction.

(6)Before giving a direction under subsection (5)(b), the Scottish Ministers must—

(a)consult the authority about the terms of the proposed direction, and

(b)take account of any representations made by the authority.