Part 2Fire and rescue services

Chapter 6Mutual assistance etc.

Assistance in discharge of functions

33Reinforcement schemes

(1)Each relevant authority shall, so far as practicable, enter into a reinforcement scheme with other relevant authorities.

(2)A reinforcement scheme is a scheme for securing mutual assistance as between the relevant authorities participating in it for the purpose of carrying out the functions conferred by virtue of sections 9 to 11 on any of them.

(3)A reinforcement scheme may make provision for apportioning between the participating authorities any expenses incurred in taking measures to secure the efficient operation of the scheme.

(4)The participating authorities shall notify the Scottish Ministers of—

(a)the making of the scheme;

(b)any variation of the scheme; and

(c)the revocation of the scheme.

(5)The participating authorities shall give effect to the scheme.