Explanatory Notes

Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 5

1 April 2005


3.The main purpose of this Act is to deliver modernised fire and rescue services that respond to the particular demands of the 21st century and contribute to building a safer Scotland.

4.The Act repeals and re-enacts many of the provisions of the Fire Services Act 1947 (c.41) (“the 1947 Act”) as they currently apply in Scotland.

5.It gives effect to the majority of proposals that require primary legislation outlined in the consultation paper The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service: Proposals for Legislation, published in October 2003.

6.These proposals included the reform of fire safety legislation in Scotland, which is also addressed in the Act.

7.The consultation paper mentioned above built on the issues raised in, and the responses received to, the policy paper The Scottish Fire Service of the Future which was published in April 2002. The paper also took account of the report of the Independent Review of the Fire Service - The Future of the Fire Service: reducing risk, saving lives which was published in December 2002.