Explanatory Notes

Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 3

17 March 2005

Commentary on Sections

Schedule 3: Certain Pre-Existing Agreements as to Charges

Paragraph 1

288.Paragraph 1 defines a “relevant agreement” and a “relevant customer” for the purpose of schedule 3.  These are agreements between Scottish Water and another person in respect of “eligible premises” (as defined in section 27 of the Act) which have been entered into before the coming into force of this schedule by virtue of the statutory powers set out in sub-paragraph (3) or otherwise and which make provision for the relevant customer to pay charges for services provided under those agreements other than by reference to a charges scheme.

289.Sub-paragraph (2) further specifies that, for the purposes of sub-paragraph (1), an agreement between Scottish Water and another person includes an agreement to which Scottish Water has become party in consequence of a transfer of obligations, by virtue of any enactment or contractual arrangements, which includes, for example, obligations which have been entered into by Scottish Water’s statutory predecessors and which have subsequently transferred to Scottish Water. However, it will not include those agreements to which section 47 of the Water (Scotland) Act 1980 applies. Section 47 of the 1980 Act makes provision to preserve certain agreements made between Scottish Water’s statutory predecessors prior to 1949 and their customers, regarding the provision of water supplies free of charge or on other favourable terms, in return for the granting of, for example, way leaves to lay infrastructure.