Part 3Premises licences


17Premises licence

In this Act, “premises licence”, in relation to any premises, means a licence issued by a Licensing Board under section 26(1) or 47(2) authorising the sale of alcohol on the premises.

18Meaning of “appropriate Licensing Board”

(1)In this Part, “the appropriate Licensing Board” means, in relation to any premises or premises licence issued in respect of any premises—

(a)the Licensing Board in whose area the premises are situated, or

(b)where the premises are situated in the area of more than one Licensing Board—

(i)the Board in whose area the greater or greatest part of the premises is situated, or

(ii)if neither or none of those Boards falls within sub-paragraph (i), such of the Boards as is nominated in accordance with subsection (2).

(2)In a case falling within subsection (1)(b)(ii), the applicant for a premises licence in respect of the premises must nominate one of the Licensing Boards to be the Licensing Board for the purposes of the application of this Part in relation to the premises.

19Premises manager

(1)In this Act, “premises manager”, in relation to any licensed premises in respect of which a premises licence has effect, means the individual for the time being specified as such in the premises licence.

(2)An individual may not, at any one time, be the premises manager of more than one licensed premises; and, accordingly, if an individual who is the premises manager of licensed premises is subsequently specified in the premises licence of other licensed premises as the premises manager of those other premises, the subsequent specification is of no effect.