Explanatory Notes

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 16

21 December 2005

Commentary on Parts

Part 9 – Miscellaneous and General

Section 125 – Special provisions for certain clubs

253.This section deals with clubs. Part VII of the Licensing (Scotland) 1976 Act regulates clubs by virtue of registration granted by a sheriff. This system was first introduced by the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1903. That system is repealed by the Act. Instead, the general licensing regime will apply to clubs as it applies to other premises, subject to the provisions in this section.

254.Subsection (1) provides a power for the Scottish Ministers to prescribe categories of clubs that would be exempt from the application of those provisions of the Act listed in subsection (2). The general effect is that such clubs would not need to have a premises manager and the overprovision ground of refusal would not apply. Subsection (3) permits the Scottish Ministers to prescribe different descriptions of clubs for the purposes of different provisions set out in subsection (2).

255.Subsections (4) confers power on the Scottish Ministers to provide for further modifications of the Act as it applies to such categories of clubs as they may specify.