Explanatory Notes

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 16

21 December 2005

Commentary on Parts

Part 3 – Premises Licences

Section 48 – Notification of change of name or address

105.This section places a duty on the holder of a premises licence to notify the Licensing Board of any change of name or address of the premises licence holder or of the premises manager. This is meant to cover only actual name changes ie for example, where the licence holder is a company and changes its name, or the premises manager is a woman who changes her name on marriage. A change in the identity of the premises licence holder is provided for in the provisions on transfer of premises licences. If there is a new premises manager, this must be provided for by seeking a variation of the licence so as to add the new premises manager’s name. A notification of a change of the licence holder's name or address or that of the premises manager under this section must be accompanied by the premises licence (unless that is impracticable, in which case a statement must be provided).