Explanatory Notes

Transport (Scotland) Act 2005

2005 asp 12

5 August 2005

Commentary on Sections

Part 1: Regional Transport

Chapter 2: Transport Functions: Further Provisions
Section 13: Transfer to Scottish Ministers of certain rail functions

46.Section 13 gives a power to the Scottish Ministers, by order, to transfer rail transport functions from Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority or Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive to the Scottish Ministers.

Section 14: Arrangements for performance by regional Transport Partnership  of certain transport functions etc.

47.Section 14 enables a Transport Partnership to enter into arrangements to carry out such things relating to transport as specified in those arrangements on behalf of a council, the Scottish Ministers or any other person having statutory transport functions. It is expected that any arrangements would be explicit about the bounds on the extent of the Transport Partnership’s discretion.