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F1Part 1SCharities

Textual Amendments

F1Pt. 1 Ch. 5A inserted (1.10.2010 for specified purposes, 1.11.2012 in so far as not already in force) by Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 (asp 8), ss. 125(1), 134(7); S.S.I. 2010/321, art. 3, Sch.; S.S.I. 2012/218, art. 2

Chapter 7SScottish charitable incorporated organisations

Conversion, amalgamation and transferS

59Amalgamation of SCIOsS

(1)Any 2 or more SCIOs (“the old SCIOs”) may, in accordance with this section, apply to OSCR to be amalgamated, and for a new SCIO (“the new SCIO”) to be constituted and entered in the Register as their successor.

(2)Such an application is referred to in this section and section 60 as an “application for amalgamation”.

(3)Subsections (2) to (4) of section 54 apply in relation to an application for amalgamation as they apply to an application for a SCIO to be constituted, but with references to the SCIO being read as references to the new SCIO (but sections 4 and 5 do not apply in relation to an application for amalgamation).

(4)In addition to the documents and information referred to in section 54(2), the application for amalgamation must be accompanied by—

(a)a copy of a resolution of each of the old SCIOs approving the proposed amalgamation, and

(b)a copy of a resolution of each of the old SCIOs adopting the proposed constitution of the new SCIO.

(5)The resolutions must be passed—

(a)by a two-thirds majority of those voting at a general meeting of the SCIO (including those voting by proxy or by post, if voting that way is permitted), or

(b)unanimously by the SCIO's members, otherwise than at a general meeting.

Commencement Information

I1S. 59 in force at 1.1.2012 by S.S.I. 2011/20, art. 2(4)(d)