Part 1Charities

Chapter 2Scottish Charity Register


4Application for entry in Register

An application for entry in the Register must—

(a)state the name of the body making the application (the “applicant”),

(b)state the principal office of the applicant or, where it does not have such an office, the name and address of one of the persons who, if the applicant is entered in the Register, will be its charity trustees,

(c)be accompanied by—

(i)a statement of the applicant’s purposes,

(ii)a copy of the applicant’s constitution, and

(iii)the applicant’s most recent statement of account (if any), and

(d)contain such other information, and be accompanied by such other documents, as may be—

(i)required by regulations under section 6(1), or

(ii)otherwise requested by OSCR.