SCHEDULEConstitution etc. of Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee

(introduced by section 13)

1The Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee is to be a body corporate.

2The Committee is to have 7 members to be appointed by the Scottish Ministers.

3The Scottish Ministers shall appoint one of those members to be the convener of the Committee.

4The members of the Committee are entitled to payment from the funds of the Committee of such allowances as are determined by the Scottish Ministers.

5The Committee may, with the prior consent (given either generally or in relation to particular cases) of the Scottish Ministers, appoint staff on such terms (including terms as to remuneration) as it thinks appropriate to assist it in the discharge of its functions.

6The Scottish Ministers may make grants to the Committee.

7The procedure of the Committee is for it to determine.

8The Committee—

(a)is not to be regarded as a servant or agent of the Crown,

(b)does not have any status, immunity or privilege of the Crown,

and its property is not to be regarded as property of, or held on behalf of, the Crown.

9The validity of the proceedings or actings of the Committee is not affected by any vacancy among its members or defect in the appointment of those members.