Explanatory Notes

Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004

2004 asp 9

29 July2004

The Act — Section by Section

Part 2 – Membership of local authorities

Section 11 – Pay, pensions etc. of councillors

25.This section enables the Scottish Ministers to make regulations to provide for the payment by local authorities of remuneration, allowances and expenses to councillors. These regulations may cover payments made in respect of activities carried out in connection with any of the duties of a councillor and make different provisions for different circumstances and purposes.

26.The power to make regulations also enables provision for an element of remuneration to be payable by way of a pension and for a pension scheme to be set up or adapted for this purpose.

27.Subsection (4) requires the Scottish Ministers, where they have required the Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee (established under section 13) to provide them with information, advice or recommendations in relation to remuneration etc., to consider what the Committee gives them before making regulations under subsection (1).