Part 3Dispersal of groups

Guidance and research

23Guidance in relation to dispersal of groups

(1)A person exercising a power by virtue of this Part shall, in the exercise of the power, have regard to any guidance given by the Scottish Ministers about—

(a)the exercise of the power; and

(b)any other matter relating to the power.

(2)The Scottish Ministers shall lay before the Scottish Parliament a copy of any guidance such as is mentioned in subsection (1).

24Operation of Part: arrangement of study

(1)The Scottish Ministers shall—

(a)arrange for the carrying out of a study into the operation of this Part; and

(b)lay a report on the results of the study before the Scottish Parliament within 3 years of the date on which the whole of the Part was first in force.

(2)The Scottish Ministers shall make such preparations for the carrying out of the study as are necessary to enable the study to commence as soon as the whole of the Part is in force; and such preparations may include, in particular, the instruction of a research team and the formation of a research advisory group to assist in the direction of the study.