Explanatory Notes

Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004

2004 asp 8

26 July 2004

Commentary on Sections

Part 2 – Antisocial Behaviour Orders

Section 10 – Breach of orders: prohibition of detention of children

40.Section 10 amends the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (the 1995 Act) to make clear that where a child is convicted of breach of an antisocial behaviour order or interim order under section 9(1) of the 2004 Act or that section as applied by section 234AA(9) of the 1995 Act, which relates to breach of an antisocial behaviour order made in the criminal court, the child shall not be subject to detention. The 1995 Act includes rules under section 44 and section 208 relating to the detention of children. It is not competent to impose imprisonment on a person under the age of 21 in Scotland.