Explanatory Notes

National Health Service Reform (Scotland) Act 2004

2004 asp 7

11 June 2004

Commentary on Sections

Part 3: Supplementary

Section 10 - Ancillary provision

52.Section 10 contains power to make any incidental, supplemental, consequential, transitional, transitory or saving provision in consequence of any provisions in the Act. Such an order will be subject to negative resolution procedure before the Scottish Parliament (subsection (3)) unless the order contains amendments to primary legislation in which case the order will be subject to affirmative resolution procedure (subsection (4)).

Section 11 – Modification of enactments

53.Section 11 introduces schedule 1 (which makes minor amendments and consequential amendments) and schedule 2 (which contains consequential repeals).

Section 12 – Commencement and short title

54.Section 12 allows the Scottish Ministers to set different dates to commence different provisions of the Act.