Part 2Conservation and enhancement of natural features

Chapter 3Land management orders

31Content of land management orders

(1)A land management order must—

(a)describe the land to which the order relates in a manner which would be sufficient to enable the order to be recorded in the General Register of Sasines or, as the case may be, registered in the Land Register of Scotland,

(b)be accompanied by a map on which the land is delineated,

(c)describe the natural feature which is to be conserved, restored or otherwise enhanced in pursuance of the order,


(i)the operations which are to be carried out on the land for the purpose of conserving, restoring or otherwise enhancing that natural feature,

(ii)the persons who are to carry out those operations, and

(iii)how and when those operations are to be carried out,

(e)specify any operations which must not be carried out on the land,

(f)specify the date on which the order is to come into effect and the period for which it is to have effect, and

(g)set out the circumstances in which an appeal may be made under section 34(1) against the decision to make the order.

(2)Any operation specified in a land management order by virtue of subsection (1)(e) is, in relation to the land to which the order relates, referred to in this Act as an “excluded operation”.

(3)A land management order may provide for the making of payments by SNH to any person in respect of reasonable costs incurred by the person in carrying out an operation specified in the order by virtue of subsection (1)(d)(i).