Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004

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16SIn section 19 (enforcement)—

(a)in subsection (1)(b)—

(i)at beginning insert “ search for, ”,

(ii)for the words “have in his possession” substitute “ may have used, or may have or have had in his possession, ”,

(iii)after “found” insert “ in or ”,

(b)in subsection (2)—

(i)after “committing” insert “ or has committed ”,

(ii)for “dwelling-house” substitute “ dwelling or lockfast premises ”,

(c)in subsection (3)—

(i)for “information” substitute “ evidence ”,

(ii)for the words from “(with” to “premises” in the second place where it occurs substitute “ to enter those premises, if necessary using reasonable force, and search them ”,

(d)after subsection (3) insert—

(4)A warrant under subsection (3) continues in force until the purpose for which the entry is required has been satisfied or, if earlier, the expiry of such period as the warrant may specify.

(5)A constable authorised by virtue of this section to enter any land must, if required to do so by the occupier or anyone acting on the occupier’s behalf, produce evidence of the constable’s authority.

(6)A constable who enters any land in the exercise of a power conferred by this section—


(i)be accompanied by any other persons, and

(ii)take any machinery, other equipment or materials on to the land,

for the purpose of assisting the constable in the exercise of that power,

(b)may take samples of any articles or substances found there and remove the samples from the land.

(7)A power specified in subsection (6)(a) or (b) which is exercisable under a warrant is subject to the terms of the warrant.

(8)A constable leaving any land which has been entered in exercise of a power conferred by subsection (2) or by a warrant under subsection (3), being either unoccupied land or land from which the occupier is temporarily absent, must leave it as effectively secured against unauthorised entry as the constable found it.

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I1Sch. 6 para. 16 in force at 1.10.2004 by S.S.I. 2004/407, art. 2(b)