Explanatory Notes

Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004

2004 asp 6

11 June 2004

The Act

3.The Act sets out a series of measures which are designed to conserve biodiversity and to protect and enhance the biological and geological natural heritage of Scotland. In doing so, the Act provides the principal legislative components of a new, integrated, system for nature conservation within Scotland.

4.The Act also locates the conservation of biodiversity and of Scotland’s natural environment within a wider British, European and global context. In relation to biodiversity in particular, it requires public bodies and office-holders to consider the effect of their actions at a local, regional, national and international level. Measures relating to the protection of species and habitats also recognise the importance of the wider international context. The Act does not, however, confer any extraterritorial powers on Scottish public bodies or office holders.

5.The Act is in 5 parts and contributes to the new system for nature conservation by means of a combination of both new measures and amendments to existing legislation.