26Publication of information by education authority

(1)Every education authority must—

(a)publish information with respect to the matters specified in subsection (2),

(b)keep that information under review, and

(c)where necessary or appropriate, revise the information and publish that revised information.

(2)The information referred to in subsection (1)(a) is information as to—

(a)the authority’s policy in relation to provision for additional support needs,

(b)the arrangements made by the authority in pursuance of sections 4(1)(b) and 6(1),

(c)the other opportunities available under this Act for the identification of children and young persons who—

(i)have additional support needs,

(ii)require, or would require, a co-ordinated support plan,

(d)the role of parents, children and young persons in the arrangements referred to in paragraph (b),

(e)the mediation services provided in pursuance of section 15(1), and

(f)the officer or officers of the authority from whom—

(i)parents of children having additional support needs, and

(ii)young persons having such needs,

can obtain advice and further information about provision for such needs.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make further provision as to the publication of information under subsection (1) including, in particular, provision—

(a)amending subsection (2) so as to add further matters,

(b)as to—

(i)the time or times by which, and

(ii)the form and manner in which,

the information is to be published.