The Act

Section 13 – Provision of information etc. on occurrence of certain events

28.This section places a duty on education authorities to provide information about any child or young person with additional support needs to other agencies where the authority consider that those other agencies will have a role in supporting the child or young person once they have left school education. The education authority must also consider what provision, if any, other than education the local authority are likely to provide themselves to the child or young person on their ceasing school education. The section requires these things to be done at least 6 months before the child or young person leaves school, but they could be done earlier. Information to other agencies may only be passed on with the consent of the child’s parent or the young person. Where information has been passed on, education authorities must then inform such other agencies of the actual date when the young person does leave school.

29.Subsections (6) and (7) enable the Scottish Ministers to make provision, by regulations, for action when other changes in school education may occur and when information about a child’s or young person’s additional support needs should be shared with others. It is intended that these regulations will cover moves from one school to another, from one stage of schooling to another, and when arrangements in schooling change, for example a return to school after a long stay in hospital.