The Act

Section 11 – Co-ordinated support plans: further provision

23.This section describes the procedures to be followed by education authorities in preparing or amending co-ordinated support plans. If consideration is being given as to whether a child or young person may require a co-ordinated support plan, or the plan needs to be reviewed, then, before proceeding, the education authority must inform the parent or young person (or managers of an independent or grant-aided school, if applicable) of their intentions. On establishing whether the child or young person requires a co-ordinated support plan, or on completion of the review of the plan, they must also inform the parent or young person of the outcome and of any rights they may have to appeal to an Additional Support Needs Tribunal.

24.When a plan has been prepared, or amended, the education authority must provide a copy of the plan to the parent or young person and then take steps to ensure that the plan is implemented and the support co-ordinated. To facilitate this, the education authority must also provide information about the contents of the plan to those involved in providing the support that is set out in the plan. This is likely to be those in other agencies, such as health professionals, or others in the local authority such as social workers.

25.Subsection (8) enables the Scottish Ministers to make further provision in regulations about co-ordinated support plans, including provision about their form, content and the timescales and procedures attaching to managing those plans. It is intended that these regulations will, among other things, provide a template to be used by education authorities for co-ordinated support plans.