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Part 5 SReal burdens: miscellaneous

64Overriding power to dismiss and appoint managerS

(1)Where a person is the manager of related properties, the owners of two thirds of those properties may—

(a)dismiss that person; and

(b)where they do so, appoint some other person to be such manager,

and such actings shall be effective notwithstanding the terms of any real burden affecting those properties; but this section is subject to section 63(8)(b) of this Act.

(2)If a property is owned by two or more persons in common, then, for the purposes of voting on any proposal to exercise a power conferred by subsection (1) above, the vote allocated as respects the property shall only be counted for or against the proposal if it is the agreed vote of those of them who together own more than a half share of the property.