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Part 1 SBuilding regulations


Building standards assessmentsS

6Building standards assessmentsS

(1)A local authority must, if requested to do so by the owner of a building, carry out a building standards assessment.

(2)A building standards assessment is an assessment of the extent to which the authority considers that—

(a)the building complies with building regulations as the regulations apply to the building at the time of the assessment,

(b)any work which has been carried out in relation to the building was carried out without any authorisation required by or under any enactment,

(c)any continuing requirement which applies in relation to the building is being and has been complied with,

(d)the building has defects which entitle the authority to serve on the owner a defective building notice.

(3)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make further provision as to the matters to be assessed in a building standards assessment including, in particular, provision as to—

(a)the period to which an assessment in pursuance of subsection (2)(b) is to relate,

(b)circumstances in which an assessment is to be made in relation to part only of a building or, where a building forms part of a larger building, in relation to that larger building,

(c)matters which are not to be included in an assessment in any particular case or description of case.