SCHEDULE 1Building regulations

(introduced by section 1)

1This schedule is without prejudice to the generality of section 1(1).

2Building regulations may be framed to any extent by reference to a document published by or on behalf of the Scottish Ministers or another person, or by reference to the approval or satisfaction of such person as the regulations may specify.

3Building regulations may make special provision for buildings intended to have a life not exceeding such period as the regulations may specify.

4Building regulations may exempt such description of—


(b)work or conversions, or

(c)services, fittings or equipment,

as the regulations may specify from all or any of the provisions of the regulations.

5(1)Building regulations may, for any of the purposes specified in section 1(1)—

(a)make provision as to any of the matters specified in sub-paragraph (2),

(b)require things to be provided or done in connection with buildings (as well as regulating the provision or doing of things in connection with buildings),

(c)specify the manner in which work is to be carried out.

(2)The matters referred to in sub-paragraph (1) are—

(a)preparation of sites,

(b)strength and stability (including the safeguarding of adjacent buildings and services),

(c)fire precautions (including resistance of structure to the outbreak and spread of fire, the protection of occupants and means of escape in the event of fire and the provision of facilities to assist firefighting),

(d)resistance to moisture and decay,

(e)resistance to the transmission of heat,

(f)resistance to the transmission of sound,


(h)resistance to infestation,


(j)ventilation (including the provision of open space for it),

(k)daylighting (including the provision of open space for it),

(l)heating and artificial lighting,

(m)services, fittings and equipment (including broadband communication technology and other electronic communications services, fittings and equipment and services, fittings and equipment for the supply or use of gas or electricity),

(n)measures to ensure that pipes used in connection with the provision of water for domestic purposes are not fitted in a way that may contribute to the concentration of lead in such water exceeding the limit specified in Table B of Schedule 1 to the Water Supply (Water Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 2001 (S.S.I. 2001/207),

(o)measures affecting the emission of smoke, gases, fumes, grit, dust or other noxious or offensive substances,

(p)accommodation and ancillary equipment,

(q)access, including in particular access for disabled persons,

(r)suitability for use by disabled persons,

(s)prevention of danger and obstruction,


(u)reuse of building materials.