Explanatory Notes

Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003

2003 asp 7

26 March 2003

The Act The Act is in 12 parts.

Part 1 – Protection of the Public at Large

The Risk Management Authority

Section 11 - Accreditation, education and training

52.This section gives the RMA two roles.  It enables the RMA to:

53.The section also empowers the Scottish Ministers to make regulations to establish appropriate accreditation schemes for the RMA to administer. The accreditation may cover any RMA-sponsored education or training and may also recognise other relevant experience or qualifications held. For example, the accreditation may recognise relevant qualification previously obtained, or obtained from a source other than the RMA. As respects the processes of assessing and minimising risk, the accreditation will provide recognition of the effectiveness of any method and practices which may be employed in that regard.