Explanatory Notes

Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003

2003 asp 7

26 March 2003

The Act The Act is in 12 parts.

Part 1 – Protection of the Public at Large

The Risk Management Authority

Section 10 – Grants to local authorities in connection with risk management plans

50.Section 10 enables the Scottish Ministers to make specific grants to local authorities subject to such conditions as they consider appropriate to assist with the preparation and implementation of the RMP.  Before making such a grant the Scottish Ministers are to consult local authorities and other persons as appropriate.

51.It is expected that local authorities will bear the cost of preparing and implementing RMPs from within existing budgets on the basis that they already have a statutory duty to provide appropriate services for these offenders.  However the RMA will be able to make recommendations to the Scottish Ministers concerning the granting of specific funding where it appears to the Authority that this is required to ensure that a RMP can be prepared or implemented.