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SCHEDULE 2SAccruing resources of the Scottish Administration which may be used without individual limit

Part 4SScottish Executive Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Department

Type of accruing resourcesPurpose
1. Repayments of student loans and grants and interest capitalised on student loansExpenditure of the Student Awards Agency for Scotland
2. Income from property management, investment management, voted loans interest and other feesExpenditure on Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise
3. Refunds of grants for Regional Selective AssistanceExpenditure on departmental investment assistance

[F13A.Income from other grants and contributions

Expenditure on Other Enterprise and Lifelong Learning]

[F24.Income from European Structural Funds

Expenditure on projects supported by European Union funding

5.Rents from land and property; Erskine Bridge toll income; income from administering harbours[F3expenditure on Other Transport Programmes] orders

Expenditure on motorways and trunk roads; expenditure on miscellaneous costs in relation to ports and harbours

6.Any sums accruing as a result of the dissolution of Scottish Transport Group

Payments to former members of Scottish Transport Group pensions schemes]

Overall amount: [F4£315,000,000]

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