SCHEDULE 1Matters to be included in river basin management plans

Part 1Matters to be included in every plan

1A summary of the characterisation of the river basin district carried out under section 5.

2A summary of significant pressures, and the impact of human activity, on the status of the water environment within the district.

3A summary of the register of protected areas maintained under section 7, including information sufficient to identify each protected area within the district.

4Information as to the arrangements for monitoring water status under section 8 and as to the results of such monitoring.

5A list of the environmental objectives set under section 9 for every body of water in the district.

6A summary of the programme of measures prepared under section 9 to be applied to achieve those objectives.

7Information as to any sub-basin plan.

8A non-technical summary of the information provided under paragraphs 1 to 7.

9A summary of—

(a)the steps taken under subsections (3) to (6) of section 11 in relation to the plan, and

(b)changes made to the plan in light of—

(i)the views and representations received on it, and

(ii)any advice given by a River Basin District Advisory Group under section 17(2).

10Information as to—

(a)SEPA, and

(b)every responsible authority and regulator (within the meaning of schedule 2) having functions in relation to the river basin district.

11The arrangements for making available to the public documents and information relevant to the preparation and implementation of the plan.