Part 2Water and sewerage services

Sustainable urban drainage systems

33Sustainable urban drainage systems

(1)In section 59(1) (interpretation) of the 1968 Act, insert the following definitions in the appropriate places alphabetically—

“private SUD system” means any SUD system which is not a public SUD system;

“public SUD system” means any SUD system which is vested in Scottish Water;

“road water” means the run-off of rainwater from any road for the time being entered in a list of public roads kept by a local roads authority under section 1(1) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984;

“SUD system” means a sustainable urban drainage system;

“sustainable urban drainage system” means a drainage system which—

(a)facilitates attenuation, settlement or treatment of surface water from 2 or more premises (whether or not together with road water), and

(b)includes one or more of the following: inlet structures, outlet structures, swales, constructed wetlands, ponds, filter trenches, attenuation tanks and detention basins (together with any associated pipes and equipment);.

(2)Schedule 3 makes modifications of the 1968 Act and the Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002 (asp 3) in relation to sustainable urban drainage systems.