Explanatory Notes

Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

2003 asp 2

25 February 2003

The Act – an Overview

Part 4 General and Supplementary

Section 98:  General and supplementary provisions

402.This section provides definitions and general information pertaining to all Parts of the Act.

403.Subsections (2) to (5) regulate the making of orders and regulations by Ministers under the Act.

404.Subsections (6) and (7) detail what constitutes the sending or making of any application, notification or other specified communication, and what constitutes the effective date of such application, notification or other specified communication.

Section 99:  Amendments, repeals and savings

405.This section gives effect to schedule 2, which contains details of amendments, repeals and savings to other Acts.

Section 100:  Short title, Crown application and commencement

406.Subsection (2) provides that the Act binds the Crown.

407.Subsections (3) and (4) provides that the Act (excluding this section and section 98, which are effective from the day the Bill received Royal Assent – 25 February 2003) will come into force on such day as Ministers may by order appoint, and that different days may be appointed for different purposes.