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[F1SCHEDULE A1SWater Industry Commission for Scotland

Textual Amendments

F1Sch. A1 inserted (20.6.2005 for the insertion of Sch. A1 paras. 1-7, 1.7.2005 in so far as not already in force) by Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 (asp 3), s. 37(2), sch. 1 (with s. 36); S.S.I. 2005/351, art. 2, sch. 1, sch. 2

General powersS

13(1)The Commission may do anything which appears necessary or expedient for the purpose of, or in connection with, the exercise of its functions including, in particular—S

(a)entering into contracts; and

(b)acquiring and disposing of property.

(2)But the Commission may not acquire or dispose of land without the consent of the Scottish Ministers.]