Explanatory Notes

Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Act 2002

2002 asp 16

30 July 2002

Commentary on Sections

Section 14 – Witnesses and documents: notice

91.Section 14 makes provision for the Commissioner to give notice to a person who is required to give information or produce documents in line with the equivalent notice provision for the Parliament that is contained in section 24 of the Scotland Act 1998. The notice requires to set out the subjects to which the required evidence will relate. In addition, in the case of the attendance of a person to give evidence, the time and place at which attendance is required must be given. In the case of documents, the date by which they require to be produced must also be given. A notice requires to be sent by registered or recorded delivery post. In the case of an individual it has to be sent to their last known address and in any other case to the person’s registered office or principal address.