Explanatory Notes

Transport (Scotland) Act 2001

2001 asp 2

25 January 2001

The Act

Part 2 .Bus Services

Quality Partnership Schemes

Section 6 Making of quality partnership scheme

16.This section provides for the making of a QP scheme (with or without modifications) if an authority have complied with the terms of section 5 of this Act. The scheme must set out the specified facilities, specified standards of local services, the date on which it will come into operation, the period for which it shall remain in operation and the procedures for determining any dispute. A QP scheme must be in operation for a minimum period of 3 years and no longer than 7 years. In certain circumstances local services may be excluded from a QP scheme, but continue to operate on a specific route. An example might be a community bus service acting as a feeder to a main bus route, on which there are QP facilities.

17.A QP scheme may not be brought into force before the authority consider it is reasonably practicable for the relevant facilities to be provided and for the operators to meet the prescribed standards, although the Act provides for the phasing in of facilities and service standards. In any event, the operative date may not be earlier than 3 months after the scheme is made, or any necessary traffic orders are made, whichever is the later. The making of traffic regulation orders can often take some time, and a scheme should not be brought into force before the specified facilities are in place.

18.No later than 14 days after making a scheme the authority must publish a notice in a local newspaper and notify all operators affected by the scheme, and the traffic commissioner. The notice must set out the scheme, or say where, in what form and at what times the scheme can be inspected, and state if any modifications have been made.