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SCHEDULE 4S Taking of fingerprints etc.

Requirement to attend and provide evidenceS

3(1)The order of the nominated court may require the person to attend a police station to provide the necessary identification evidence.

(2)Any such requirement—

(a)shall allow the person at least seven days within which to attend; and

(b)may direct that the person attend at a specified time of day or between specified times of day.

(3)If the person fails to attend in accordance with the order—

(a)the nominated court may issue a warrant for the arrest of the person; and

(b)the person may be detained for such period as is necessary to enable the necessary identification evidence to be taken.

(4)The court shall inform the person concerned of the effect of sub-paragraph (3) above.

(5)Where the person concerned is in prison or is otherwise lawfully detained—

(a)sub-paragraphs (1) to (4) above shall not apply; and

(b)the necessary identification evidence may be taken at the place where the person is detained or at such other place as the nominated court may direct.