Explanatory Notes

Housing (Scotland) Act 2001

2001 asp 10

18 July 2001

Background and Overview

Part 7 – Miscellaneous and General

Section 106: Equal Opportunities

161.This section places a duty upon the Scottish Ministers, local authorities and registered social landlords to encourage equal opportunities.

Section 107: Local authority maintenance of houses etc. of registered social landlord

162.This section amends the provisions relating to the supply of goods and services by a local authority to certain public bodies to enable a local authority to provide such goods and services to a registered social landlord. Furthermore, a local authority’s ability to carry out works of maintenance for a registered social landlord will not be restricted to “minor” works.

Section 108: Meaning of “family” and “spouse”: cohabitation

163.This section provides definitions of “family” and “spouse” for the purposes of this Act. The terms of this definition recognise same sex relationships and children who are treated in practice as family members.

164.This section also amends section 83 of the 1987 Act to provide for similar recognitions in respect of that Act.

Section 109: Orders and regulations

165.This section sets out the general provisions applying to subordinate legislation to be made under the Act.

Section 110: Ancillary provision

166.This section gives the Scottish Ministers a free-standing power to make orders containing such ancillary provision as is necessary or expedient for the purposes or in consequence of the Act.

Section 111: Interpretation

167.This section clarifies the meaning of various expressions used in the Act.

Section 112: Modification of enactments

168.This section introduces schedule 10which makes changes to other legislation needed as a consequence of the Act.

Section 113: Commencement and short title

169.This section allows the Scottish Ministers to set different dates to commence different provisions of the Act (except for sections 109, 110 and 113 which came into force on Royal Assent.