Creation of National Parks

7Designation orders: further provisions

(1)A designation order must—

(a)designate as a National Park the area identified in the order,

(b)provide for the establishment of a National Park authority for the Park to exercise the functions conferred on the authority by virtue of this Act,

(c)specify the number of members of the authority and, in relation to the members to be appointed on the nomination of local authorities, the authorities which are to nominate them and the number of members to be nominated by each authority, and

(d)specify the matters mentioned in paragraph 3(2) and (5) of schedule 1.

(2)The order may identify the area to be designated by reference to a deposited map.

(3)In subsection (2), “deposited map” means a map prepared for the purposes of the order and laid before the Parliament.

(4)A designation order must provide for the functions exercisable by the National Park authority by virtue of the order to be so exercisable from such dates as the order may specify; and different dates may be specified for different functions or for different purposes.

(5)The Scottish Ministers must send a copy of the designation order and any deposited map to every local authority any part of whose area is within the area designated as a National Park; and every such local authority must keep the order and any such map available for public inspection.