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87Matters registrable in the Statutory Charges Register.N.I.

(1)Subject to the provisions of this Part, the matters specified in Schedule 11 (in this Act referred to as “statutory charges” ) affecting unregistered as well as registered land in Northern Ireland shall be registered in the Statutory Charges Register.

(2)For the purposes of this section, any sum which is recoverable by a local authority (whether in the right of the authority or on behalf of any other person) under any of the statutory provisions mentioned in Schedule 11 from successive owners or occupiers of the property in respect of which the sum is recoverable shall, whether such sum is expressed to be a charge on the property or not, be deemed to be a statutory charge.

(3)Nothing in this Part shall operate to impose any obligation to register in the Statutory Charges Register any statutory charge, created or arising before, on or after the 23rd January 1951, which is a registered burden.

(4)Nothing in this Part shall operate to discharge any liability in respect of any statutory charge which is not for the time being required to be registered.