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N.I.Transmission on death of a full owner in respect of deaths after commencement of Act

1(1)Without prejudice to the rights of the owner of any registered burden, on the death of a registered full owner of any land, not being a joint tenant whose interest ceased at death, the personal representatives of the deceased owner shall alone be recognised by the Registrar as having any right to deal with the estate of the deceased owner in the land, and any dispositions by them shall have the same effect as if they were the registered owners.N.I.

F1[(2)Where the personal representative, or one of the personal representatives, of the deceased owner is a trust corporation within the meaning of Article 9 of the Administration of Estates (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 [1979 NI 14] , any officer authorised for the purpose by the corporation, or by its directors or governing body, may, on behalf of the corporation, swear affidavits and do any act or thing which may be required, by reason of the corporation's appointment as a personal representative, for the purpose of any application, dealing or proceeding under this Act or under Land Registry Rules, and the acts of an officer so authorised shall be binding on the corporation.]