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Subs.(1)‐(4) rep. by SR 1980/333

(5)In this Act (save where, …F1, the context otherwise requires) the expression “regulations” means regulations made under this section [F2 as originally enacted], the expression “prescribed” means prescribed by regulations and the expressions “general regulations” and “special regulations” mean respectively regulations other than those applicable to a particular mine only and regulations applicable to a particular mine only.

F1SR 1980/333

F2SR 1980/333

S.121 rep. by SR 1980/333

122Variation, revocation, &c., of regulations.N.I.

Without prejudice to section 17(2) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954 M1 [1954 c.33]

(a)general regulations may be rendered wholly or partly inapplicable, or varied in their application, to a particular mine by special regulations applicable thereto; and

(b)special regulations may be revoked by general regulations;

and a provision of general regulations which revokes special regulations shall be deemed not to be a special regulation.

Marginal Citations

Part IX (ss.123‐125) rep. by 1974 NI 6; SR 1980/333