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Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland) 1968

1968 CHAPTER 25

An Act to provide for the variation or abolition of certain fees and other payments; to increase the limits on sums which may be issued out of the Consolidated Fund for certain purposes, on outstanding advances out of that Fund in connection with the Northern Ireland Redundancy Fund and on outstanding Government loans; to authorise the issue of a sum to the Ulster Land Fund; to amend provisions relating to grants in the Fire Services (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 1950 and provisions relating to advances in the New Towns Act (Northern Ireland) 1965; and for purposes connected with those matters.

[12th December 1968]

1Variation of fees payable under certain enactments.N.I.

(1)The Ministry specified in relation thereto in column 2 of Schedule 1 may amend any enactment mentioned in column 1 of that Schedule by order made subject to affirmative resolution so as to vary any sum specified by the enactment as the amount or maximum amount of any payment or so as to provide that any sum so specified shall cease to be payable.

(2)The power conferred by subsection (1) in relation to an enactment shall be exercisable in relation to that enactment as applied by any other enactment.

Subs. (3) rep. by 1972 NI 12

S. 2 rep. by 1976 NI 21

S. 3 rep. by 1971 c. 6 (NI)

S. 4 rep. by SLR 1976

S. 5 rep. by 1973 NI 5

S. 6 rep. by 1969 c. 13 (NI)

S. 7 rep. by 1972 NI 22

8Short title and repeals.N.I.

(1)This Act may be cited as the Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland) 1968.

Subs. (2), with Schedule 4, effects repeals


Section 1.


EnactmentRelevant Ministry
1. The Limited Partnerships Act 1907 (c.24) section 16(1).The Ministry of Commerce
2. The Baths and Washhouses (Ireland) Act 1846 (c.87) Schedule (B).The Ministry of Development.F3
The Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1923 (c.31) section 6.The Ministry of Development.F3
The Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907 (c.53) section 94(1).The Ministry of Health and Social Services.F7
5.F8 The Pedlars Act 1871 (c.96) section 5(3).The Ministry of Home Affairs.F9
The Petroleum (Consolidation) Act (Northern Ireland) 1929 (c.13) Schedule 1.The Ministry of Home Affairs.F9
The Petroleum (Transfer of Licences) Act (Northern Ireland) 1937 (c.4) section 1(4).The Ministry of Home Affairs.F9

F11982 NI 17

F3SRO (NI) 1973/504; 1976 NI 6

F41985 NI 15

F51972 NI 12

F7SRO (NI) 1972/111; 1973/504; 1976 NI 6

F8Functions transf., 1982 NI 6

F9SRO (NI) 1973/504; SI 1973/2163; SRO (NI) 1973/504

F10Entry relating to Explosives Act 1875 repealed (1.12.2006) by Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (S.R. 2006/425), regs. 1, 27(1)(2), Sch. 6 Pt. 1 para 7, Sch. 7 Pt. 1 (with reg. 26)

F111991 NI 12


Schedule 2 rep. by 1970 c. 9 (NI); 1971 c. 6 (NI); 1973 NI 5; 1974 c. 2 (NI)


Schedule 3 rep. by 1971 c. 6 (NI); 1973 NI 5; 1974 c. 2 (NI)


Schedule 4 — Repeals