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Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Pt. 2 (ss. 4-13) excluded (prosp.) by Taxis Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 (c. 4), ss. 54(2), 59 (with s. 54(3))

N.I.Road service licences

[F110BPermits in relation to buses used by educational and other bodies.N.I.

(1)In this section and sections 10C and 10D—

(2)The requirements that must be met in relation to the use of a bus under a permit for the exemption under section 10A(a) to apply are that the bus—

(a)is being used by a body to whom a permit has been granted under this section;

(b)is not being used for the carriage of members of the general public nor with a view to profit nor incidentally to an activity which is itself carried on with a view to profit;

(c)is being used in every respect in accordance with any conditions attached to the permit; and

(d)is not being used in contravention of any provision of regulations made under section 10D.

(3)A permit in relation to the use of a small bus may be granted by a body designated by an order under subsection (6) either to itself or to any other body to whom, in accordance with the order, it is entitled to grant a permit.

(4)A permit in relation to the use of a large bus may be granted by the Department to any body which assists or co‐ordinates the activities of bodies which appear to the Department to be concerned with—



(c)social welfare; or

(d)other activities of benefit to the community.

(5)The Department shall not grant a permit in relation to the use of a large bus unless satisfied that there will be adequate facilities or arrangements for maintaining any bus used under the permit in a fit and serviceable condition.

(6)The Department may by order, made subject to negative resolution, designate for the purposes of this section bodies appearing to it to be eligible in accordance with subsection (7), and with respect to any body designated by it, any such order—

(a)shall specify the classes of body to whom the designated body may grant permits;

(b)may impose restrictions with respect to the grant of permits by the designated body and, in particular, may provide that no permit may be granted, either generally or in such cases as may be specified in the order, unless there are attached to the permit such conditions as may be so specified; and

(c)may require the body to make returns with regard to the permits granted by it.

(7)A body is eligible under this subsection if it is concerned with—



(c)social welfare;

(d)recreation; or

(e)other activities of benefit to the community.

(8)A body may hold more than one permit but may not use more than one bus at any one time under the same permit.]