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3Power of resident magistrate to order medical investigation.N.I.

(1)If a resident magistrate is satisfied, on the evidence of [F1the Director of Public Health]F2. . . , that—

(a)there is reason to believe that some person F3. . . is, or has been, suffering from, or is a carrier of, a notifiable disease, and

(b)in the interest of that person, or in the interest of his family, or in the public interest, it is expedient that he should undergo a medical investigation, and

(c)that person is not under the treatment of a medical practitioner or that the medical practitioner who is treating him consents to the making of an order under this section,

the magistrate may order that person to undergo a medical investigation by [F1the Director of Public Health], or by a medical practitioner nominated by [F1the Director of Public Health] and approved by the magistrate.

(2)Any person who fails to comply with an order made under subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence under this Part and shall, until such time as [F1the Director of Public Health] is satisfied that he is not suffering from a notifiable disease, or, as the case may be, is not a carrier of such a disease, be deemed—

(a)for the purposes of sections 4 and 10, to be suffering, and to know that he is suffering, from a notifiable disease, and

(b)for the purposes of sections 4 to 15, to be a carrier of an infectious disease.