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1N.I.Examining the structure of the livestock industry and the livestock products industry.

2N.I.Encouraging the making of better arrangements for the movement or marketing of livestock and livestock products.

3N.I.Advising the Ministry on the classification and grading of the carcases of livestock.

4N.I.Advising the Ministry on the characteristics which livestock should possess in order to be readily marketable.

5N.I.Disseminating information in the livestock industry and livestock products industry about market prices for livestock (whether in Northern Ireland or elsewhere) and livestock products and about the trends of those prices and the requirements of markets for livestock and livestock products.

6N.I.Conducting market research, or causing such research to be conducted, into the requirements of markets (whether in Northern Ireland or elsewhere) for livestock and livestock products.

7(1)Improving and expanding trade in livestock produced in Northern Ireland and in livestock products so produced.N.I.

(2)In performing their functions under sub-paragraph (1), the Commission may act by themselves or may employ any other person to perform those functions in whole or in part.

8N.I.Giving advice and information to the Ministry on the efficient lay-out and operation of livestock auction markets and slaughterhouses.

9N.I.Carrying out such other functions in relation to the livestock and livestock products industries as the Ministry may specify in a direction to the Commission.

F1[10N.I.Encouraging scientific research with the aim of securing benefits to, and improvements in, the livestock and livestock products industries.]


1(1)Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, a member of the Commission shall hold office for a term of three years.N.I.

Sub-para.(2) rep. by SLR 1976

(3)A member may by notice in writing addressed to the Minister resign his membership, and the chairman may by the like notice resign his office as such.

(4)The Minister may remove a person from membership if satisfied that he—

(a)has become bankrupt [F2or has had a debt relief order made in respect of him] or made an arrangement with his creditors [F3or is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order] [F4or a debt relief restrictions order] ;

(b)is incapacitated by physical or mental illness;

(c)has been absent from more than six consecutive meetings of the Commission otherwise than for a reason approved by the Minister; or

(d)is otherwise unable or unfit to discharge the functions of a member, or is unsuitable to continue as a member.

(5)Where a member resigns his office or the Minister removes a person from membership, the Minister may appoint another person in his place, and any person so appointed shall hold office for the residue of the term of the person in whose place he is appointed.

(6)A person who ceases to be a member shall be eligible for reappointment.

F2Words in Sch. Pt. II para. 1(4)(a) inserted (7.3.2016) by Debt Relief Act (Northern Ireland) 2010 (Consequential Amendments) Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 S.R. 2016/108, art. 1, Sch. para. 5

F4Words in Sch. Pt. II para. 1(4)(a) inserted (7.3.2016) by Debt Relief Act (Northern Ireland) 2010 (Consequential Amendments) Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 S.R. 2016/108, art. 1, Sch. para. 5

2N.I.Any contract or instrument which, if entered into or executed by an individual, would not require to be under seal may be entered into or executed on behalf of the Commission by any person generally or specially authorised by the Commission to act for that purpose.

3N.I.The number, remuneration and terms and conditions of employment of persons employed by the Commission shall, except in so far as the Ministry may otherwise specify in a direction under this paragraph, be subject to the approval of the Ministry.

4(1)The Commission may act notwithstanding the absence of the Chairman or any vacancy in their numbers.N.I.

(2)If the Chairman is unable to be present at any meeting of the Commission he may appoint another member to act in his stead at that meeting.

(3)If the Chairman is absent from a meeting and no member has been so appointed by him, the Commission shall elect one of the members present to preside at that meeting.

(4)A defect in the appointment of any person acting as a member of the Commission shall not vitiate any proceedings of the Commission in which he has taken part.

(5)The quorum for a meeting of the Commission shall be four.

5N.I.The Commission may pay to any member such remuneration and travelling or other allowances as the Ministry may, with the approval of the Ministry of FinanceF5, determine.

F5SR 1976/281

6(1)A member of the Commission shall, if he is in any way directly or indirectly interested in any contract made or proposed to be made by the Commission, disclose the nature of his interest at a meeting of the Commission as soon as possible after the relevant circumstances have come to his knowledge.N.I.

(2)For the purposes of this paragraph, a general notice given to the Commission by a member to the effect that he is a member of a specified company or firm and is to be regarded as interested in any contract which may, after the date of the notice, be made with that company or firm, shall be deemed to be a sufficient declaration of interest in relation to any contract so made.

(3)Any disclosure made under sub-paragraph (1) or general notice given under sub-paragraph (2) shall be recorded in the record of meetings of the Commission.

(4)The Commission shall—

(a)keep a proper record of the proceedings of each meeting held by them;

(b)forward a copy of the record of each meeting to the Minister within fourteen days from the date of the meeting to which it relates.

Para.7 rep. by 1975 c.25