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N.I.Protection of quality of fish

F115ARegulations for protection of quality of fish.N.I.

(1)With a view to reducing the risk of deterioration of or damage to fish after capture and before they are brought onto retail premises or, if not so brought, are sold by retail, the Ministry, with the concurrence of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, may make regulations imposing a duty on persons engaged in the business of fishing or of handling, processing, storing, transporting or selling fish, and persons acting on their behalf, to comply with such requirements (including requirements relating to processing, hygiene or temperature; or as to the stowage or exposure of fish; or as to the construction, lay out and equipping of holds in fishing boats or of the parts of such boats, or of premises, used for processing fish; or as to the size, form and material of containers and the manner of packing) as may be prescribed by the regulations.

(2)Regulations made under this section may prescribe standards of quality for fish and may limit the purposes for which fish of any of the standards may be used.

(3)If any person contravenes a provision of regulations made under this section he shall be guilty of an offence, and if in the case of any fishing boat [F2 there is a contravention of any such provision,—

(a)the master of the boat, and

(b)the charterer, if any, of the boat, or, if there is no charterer, the owner, and

(c)where there is a charterer and the offence relates to the construction or lay out of any part of the boat, also the owner of the boat,]

shall each be guilty of an offence.

(4)In this section “processing” in relation to fish includes preserving or preparing the fish, or producing any substance or article from it, by any method for human or animal consumption and “retail premises” means any separate and distinct premises, or part of any premises, used solely for the purposes of sale by retail or any vehicle so used.]