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Ss. 177, 178 rep. by SR 1979/246

179Regulations, rules and orders.N.I.

(1)All regulations made under this Act, not being regulations made under section 34(4) or (7) or section 52(2) shall be subject to negative resolution.

Subs. (2) rep. by SR 1979/246

(3)Any power conferred by this Act to prescribe standards or impose requirements shall include power to do so by reference to the approval of the chief inspector [F1 or a person appointed by[F2 the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland]].

F3[(4)The provisions of Article 46 of the Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 [1978 NI 9] shall apply to any power, to make an order which is exercisable by statutory rule and conferred by this Act, as they apply to a power to make regulations.]

(5)Any regulations or order made by the Ministry under this Act may be made for a limited period or without limit of period and may be made subject to such conditions as it thinks fit, and may contain such supplemental and consequential provisions as it considers necessary for giving full effect to the regulations or order.

Subs. (6) rep. by SR 1979/246

(7)For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby declared—

(a)that any order applicable only to particular persons, premises, boilers, employment, operations or work or to persons employed at particular premises or on work supervised from particular premises;

(b)that any order revoking an order which is not a statutory rule within the meaning of the [F4 Statutory Rules (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 [1979 NI 12] ];

made in the exercise of powers conferred by this Act, is not made in the exercise of a power of a legislative character within the meaning of [F4 Article 4( a) of the Statutory Rules (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 [1979 NI 12] ].

F2SR 1999/150

F3SR 1979/246

180Transitional provisions.N.I.

(1)This Act shall have effect subject to the provisions of Schedule 5.

Subs. (2) rep. by SLR 1973

181Construction of references in other enactments to factories and workshops, etc.N.I.

(1)…F5 references in any enactment to a factory or workshop within the meaning of the Factory and Workshop Acts 1901 to 1929 or any of those Acts, shall be construed as references to a factory within the meaning of this Act.

Subs. (2) rep. by 1978 NI 9

182Financial provision.N.I.

Except as otherwise provided by this Act, any expenses incurred by the Ministry under this Act shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament.

183Short title.N.I.

(1)This Act may be cited as the Factories Act (Northern Ireland) 1965.

Subs. (2) rep. by SLR 1973