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Foyle Fisheries (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 1962 F1

1962 CHAPTER 5

An Act to amend the Foyle Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland), 1952.

[13th February 1962]

F1App. (hovercraft), SI 1972/971

1Modifications of 1952 c.5.N.I.

The Foyle Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland), 1952, (herein referred to as “the principal Act”), shall have effect with the modifications (including additions, substitutions and deletions) thereof respectively specified in the succeeding provisions of this Act.

2Additional definitions.N.I.

Subs. (1) amends s. 2 of 1952 c. 5 (NI)

(2)Notwithstanding the definition of “the Minister” in section two of the principal Act, where the functions exercisable by the Minister for Agriculture of the Republic of Ireland under the law corresponding to the principal Act (being the Foyle Fisheries Act, 1952, No. 5) are, under the law for the time being in force in the Republic of Ireland exercisable by any other Minister thereof, references to “the Minister” in provisions of the principal Act conferring functions on the said Minister for Agriculture shall be construed as references to that other Minister.

S. 3 rep. in pt. by 1966 c. 17 (NI), residue substitutes ss. 40, 41 of 1952 c. 5 (NI)

S. 4 amends s. 42 of 1952 c. 5 (NI)

S. 5 (rep. in pt. by 1968 c. 31 (NI)) inserts s. 51A in 1952 c. 5 (NI)

S. 6 amends s. 63 of 1952 c. 5 (NI)

S. 7 substitutes s. 64 of 1952 c. 5 (NI)

Ss. 8, 9 amend s. 75 of, and Third Schedule to, 1952 c. 5 (NI)

10Short title, and collective citation.N.I.

(1)This Act may be cited as the Foyle Fisheries (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland), 1962.

(2)This Act and the principal Act may be cited together as the Foyle Fisheries Acts (Northern Ireland), 1952 and 1962.

Subs. (3) rep. by SLR 1973