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Mortmain (Repeals) Act (Northern Ireland) 1960

1960 CHAPTER 20

An Act to repeal the enactments relating to mortmain.

[20th December 1960]

1Repeal of Mortmain Acts.N.I.

Subs. (1)(2) rep. by 1964 c. 33 (NI); SLR 1973

(3)No right or title to any property shall be defeated or impugned, and no assurance or disposition of property shall be treated as void or voidable, by virtue of any of the enactments set out in the Schedule or of any other enactment relating to mortmain, if at the passing of this Act the possession is in accordance with that right or title or with that assurance or disposition, and no step has been taken to assert a claim by virtue of any such enactment, so, however, that this sub-section shall not validate any assurance or disposition so as to defeat a right or title acquired by adverse possession before the passing of this Act.

(4)Nothing in this Act shall affect any legal proceedings begun before the passing of this Act.

2Short title.N.I.

This Act may be cited as the Mortmain (Repeals) Act (Northern Ireland), 1960.


Schedule rep. by SLR 1973