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7Duty to give information to coroner.N.I.

Every medical practitioner, registrar of deaths or funeral undertaker and every occupier of a house or mobile dwelling and every person in charge of any institution or premises in which a deceased person was residing, who has reason to believe that the deceased person died, either directly or indirectly, as a result of violence or misadventure or by unfair means, or as a result of negligence or misconduct or malpractice on the part of others, or from any cause other than natural illness or disease [F1for which he had been seen and treated by a registered medical practitioner within twenty-eight days prior to his death], or in such circumstances as may require investigation (including death as the result of the administration of an anaesthetic), shall immediately notify the coroner within whose district the body of such deceased person is of the facts and circumstances relating to the death.

F1Words in s. 7 omitted (temp.) (26.3.2020) by virtue of Coronavirus Act 2020 (c. 7), s. 87(2), Sch. 13 para. 26 (with ss. 88-90, Sch. 13 para. 30); S.I. 2020/361, reg. 2(a)