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[F117BGiving or producing evidence: further provisionN.I.

(1)The power of a coroner under section 17A(6) is additional to, and does not affect, any other power the coroner may have—

(a)to compel a person to appear before him;

(b)to compel a person to give evidence or produce any document or other thing;

(c)to punish a person for contempt of court for failure to appear or to give evidence or to produce any document or other thing.

But a person may not be fined under that section and also be punished under any such other power.

(2)A person may not be required to give or produce any evidence or document under section 17A if—

(a)he could not be required to do so in civil proceedings in a court in Northern Ireland, or

(b)the requirement would be incompatible with a Community obligation.

(3)The rules of law under which evidence or documents are permitted or required to be withheld on grounds of public interest immunity apply in relation to an inquest as they apply in relation to civil proceedings in a court in Northern Ireland.]

F1Ss. 17A-17C substituted for s. 17 (29.2.2016) by Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (c. 25), s. 182(5), Sch. 11 para. 1 (with s. 180); S.R. 2016/23, art. 2